BrightWin A Look Back at 2023 and What Lies Ahead

The Thai BL (Boys’ Love) tandem BrightWin, comprised of actors Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree and Win Metawin Opas-iamkajorn, continues to capture hearts and dominate headlines.¬†

Let’s take a deep dive into their 2023 milestones, achievements, and upcoming projects as we eagerly anticipate what the future holds for this phenomenal duo.

2023: A Year of Triumph

Dominating the Scene

BrightWin’s popularity soared even higher in 2023. They topped numerous “most popular” and “ship of the year” polls, solidifying their status as one of Thailand’s hottest BL pairings. 

Their social media presence boomed, with millions of followers eagerly awaiting their every update. Bright became the most followed local Thai star on Instagram (Lisa of Blackpink being more of a global star), while Win ranked 4th in the list. It is an unprecedented feat for Thai BL stars.

Acting Success

Win starred in one series in 2023 courtesy of GMMTV’s Enigma. His role in the series earned Win his first Asian TV Award nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role. 

In 2023, Bright did little series work but had guest roles in Midnight Museum and Enigma. Bright also guested in many variety shows like Ploy and Bell, Sound Check, and Workpoint’s The Wall Song

Bright also top-billed the 2023 Amazon Prime Video film Congrats My Ex!, which became the no. 1 movie in Prime Video Thailand.

Musical Delights

Bright and Win showcased their musical talents in various projects. Bright released his single My Ecstasy featuring D. Gerrard from his mini album Adolescent under the label RISER Music. It was followed by three (3) other songs, all under RISER Music.

On the other hand, Win collaborated with other artists on several songs. Win released “VACAY” (Feat. F.HERO x Nene) under High Cloud Entertainment and “Too Late” under RISER Music. 

They also performed together at numerous events, leaving fans swooning with their harmonious voices. The entire 2023 saw the duo toured Asia with the Side By Side concert in Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Cambodia.

BrightWin Side By Side Concert

Commercial Kings

The duo became brand ambassadors for numerous high-profile brands, further solidifying their influence in the commercial world. From clothing lines to food products, BrightWin’s faces were everywhere, solidifying their status as marketing gold.

Bright became the first Thai-based male brand ambassador for Calvin Klein. Following his appointment as global ambassador for British luxury brand Burberry, it is another feat. He is the first from the South Asia-Pacific region.

Win also became a brand ambassador for the Italian luxury fashion house PradaCoca-Cola also introduced Metawin as the first ASEAN brand ambassador.

Global Recognition

Their reach extended beyond Thailand as they attended international events and garnered praise from fans worldwide. Their international fanbases grew significantly, proving their universal appeal.

Upcoming Projects & What to Expect

  • “Enigma” and “Beauty Newbie”: Win is slated to star in two GMMTV series in 2024. He will reprise his lead role in Enigma season 2 and the leading man role in the Thai remake of the Korean series “Gangnam Beauty.”
  • Movies: Win will focus on his acting career with “Under Parallel Skies,” a co-production film with Filipina actress Janella Salvador. Bright is the lead actor in The Interest opposite Urassaya Sperbund, which is slated for release in 2024
  • Individual Endeavors: Both Bright and Win are confirmed to have upcoming solo projects, including series and movies. While details remain under wraps, fans are excited to see them shine individually.
  • World Tour Dreams:¬†With their ever-growing international fanbase, whispers of a potential world tour are circulating. While nothing is confirmed yet, fans are excited about the possibility of seeing BrightWin live.

BrightWin’s Impact

Beyond their achievements, BrightWin has become a symbol of hope and inclusivity for the LGBTQ+ community in Thailand and around the world. Their positive influence and genuine friendship inspire fans to embrace themselves and celebrate love in all its forms.

As we move forward, one thing is certain: BrightWin’s journey is far from over. 

With their talent, dedication, and undeniable chemistry, they are poised to continue achieving great things and captivating audiences worldwide. Whether gracing the silver screen, releasing new music, or charming fans with their off-screen antics, BrightWin’s star continues to shine brightly.

Shelu Abapo

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