Dumaguete City Philippines

Nestled on the shores of Negros Island in the Philippines, Dumaguete City is a charming coastal destination known for its rich cultural heritage, natural wonders, and warm hospitality.

Often referred to as the “City of Gentle People,” Dumaguete City offers a delightful mix of historic sites, beautiful beaches, and vibrant festivals.

Join us on a virtual journey as we explore some of the must-visit attractions and experiences in this enchanting city.

Rizal Boulevard: A Stroll by the Sea

Discovering Dumaguete City A Traveler's Paradise

Kickstart your Dumaguete adventure with a leisurely stroll along Rizal Boulevard. This scenic promenade offers stunning views of the ocean and the neighboring island of Siquijor. Take in the fresh sea breeze, watch the sunset, and sample local street food from nearby vendors. The boulevard comes alive in the evening with colorful lights, making it a perfect spot for a romantic evening or a casual night out.

Silliman University: A Hub of Culture and Education

Dumaguete is home to the prestigious Silliman University, one of the oldest American-established universities in Asia.

While exploring the city, make a stop at the campus to admire its beautiful architecture, lush gardens, and historic structures like the Silliman Hall.

The university often hosts cultural events, lectures, and art exhibits that are open to the public, providing a glimpse into the city’s vibrant intellectual and artistic community.

Apo Island: Snorkeling Paradise

Just a boat ride away from Dumaguete lies Apo Island, a renowned marine sanctuary and a paradise for snorkelers and divers.

Explore vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life, including colorful fish and sea turtles. The crystal-clear waters of Apo Island offer excellent visibility, making it a fantastic place for underwater photography.

Don’t miss the chance to witness the breathtaking “Apo Island Wall,” a vertical drop where you can spot schools of fish and other fascinating sea creatures.

Apo Island Negros Oriental

Casaroro Falls: Nature’s Spectacle

For nature enthusiasts, Casaroro Falls is a must-visit. Located in the nearby town of Valencia, this hidden gem is tucked away in a lush forest.

The journey to the falls involves a short hike through a dense tropical jungle, adding to the sense of adventure. Once you reach the falls, you’ll be rewarded with a mesmerizing 100-foot cascade of cool, clear water.

Take a refreshing dip in the pool at the base, or simply soak in the natural beauty of this serene oasis.

Festivals: Celebrating Culture

Dumaguete City is known for its lively festivals. The Sandurot Festival, celebrated every November, showcases the city’s diverse cultural heritage through dance, music, and vibrant street parades.

During the Buglasan Festival, the entire province of Negros Oriental comes alive with competitions, exhibits, and a grand street dancing showdown.

These festivals are an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in local culture and traditions.


Dumaguete City, with its picturesque waterfront, cultural attractions, natural wonders, and lively festivals, is a destination that promises a memorable and enriching experience for travelers.

Whether you’re taking a leisurely walk along Rizal Boulevard, exploring the Silliman University campus, or embarking on underwater adventures at Apo Island, Dumaguete City has something to offer everyone. Come and discover the warmth of the “City of Gentle People” on your next Philippine adventure.

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