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My name is Shelu, short for Shelumiel. In March 2020, I said goodbye to the corporate world to embark on a journey of a lifetime. My partner and I decided to focus on our internet businesses and create a flexible lifestyle. It was a massive gamble as I was on track to climb the ranks of the Big Four firm while toiling long work hours daily.

It was nerve-wracking, of course. Gone are the steady salary and the comfort and security of being a regular salaryman provides. At first, I was anxious if I could make it and succeed. But my partner showed me that guts paired with determination and an intelligent way of working are essential to achieving financial freedom and professional success. 

By June 2020, I started my private practice in Davao City. I opened a boutique legal and accounting practice for entrepreneurs and start-ups amid stringent lockdowns at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was not an ideal time to launch my legal practice, but I continued anyway as if I had any choice. 

My firm started getting more clients, and the business that we launched in 2016 skyrocketed. Financially speaking, we are at our best. We are now in the position of growing the number of our staff and expanding the business at a much faster rate. Our decisions were fruitful, and the financial returns were extraordinary. We were on a high.

But life isn’t always a smooth ride. 

Personal loss and rebirth

In January 2021, my dad died due to complications brought on by COVID-19. It devastated me, my brother, and especially my mom. The pillar of our family is gone, and it was very abrupt. Government policies barred us from holding a funeral, and we buried my dad within 24 hours when he was pronounced dead. No proper goodbyes were ever said to the man who worked tirelessly to give me and my brother the life he thought we deserved. I will bring that pain with me for the rest of my life. 

Then again, an old age adage once said, “life goes on.”

In 2022, the world slowly reopened. One by one, countries have lifted their travel bans and reopened their doors to tourism. I took it as a sign to resume my travels and explore the world. My desire for travel is much stronger after my father’s death. This personal loss made me realize how life is short and fleeting and that I should travel within all my means to see and explore the world and create memories that could last a lifetime. 

And as an online journal of my travels and adventures, I started this blog. I find writing a more comfortable medium than vlogging, so it is only natural that I gravitate more toward building a website rather than creating my YouTube channel.

Family dinner in December 2020, which would turn out to be the last time I would see my dad alive.

Durham Cathedral
Pictured in front of the Durham Cathedral during my trip in April 2022.

Things you’ll get from this website

On this website, I am to:

  • Immortalize my travels and show my readers that traveling can be fun and exciting without necessarily bankrupting one’s self;
  • Document the struggles of traveling using my third-world passport from the Philippines;
  • Share some of the exciting cuisine and fantastic culture that I have come across during my travels;
  • Inspire people to embrace their passions and that by working hard, one can eventually achieve their goals; and
  • Inform and help others through my blog about travel.

I am no professional photographer. I have no background in graphic design. So please forgive me if the content you’ll find on this website won’t be as top-notch as on other sites. But I assure you that everything you’ll read from this blog is from my experience and tales of my adventures and misadventures in this journey we call “life.”

Please read the about page to learn more about my story and why I started this blog.

Shelu Abapo

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