Top 10 Thai BL Series in 2023 for Binge Watch in 2024

Thai BL (Boys’ Love) dramas have captured viewers’ hearts worldwide. 

As the genre continues to gain popularity, 2023 saw a fantastic lineup of BL series filled with compelling narratives, outstanding performances, and undeniable chemistry between the leads. 

Whether you’re a seasoned BL enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, these shows are a must-watch!

Here’s my countdown of the top 10 Thai BL series from 2023 that are an absolute treat for your binge-watching sessions this 2024:

10. Be My Favorite

Be My Favorite Thai BL Series

“Be My Favorite” delivers a charming and feel-good story. While its storyline may not break new ground, its captivating cast and heartwarming narrative will keep you engaged. This endearing story about childhood friends blossoming into something more will keep you smiling.

9. Step By Step

Step By Step Thai BL Series

“Step by Step” offers a lighthearted and playful BL story with a sports theme. Audiences will love the slow-burn romance and sweet camaraderie between the main characters. If you’re looking for a series with fluffy tropes and charming leads, this one’s for you.

8. A Boss and a Babe

A Boss and a Babe Thai BL Seriess

“A Boss and a Babe” explores the office romance trope with a comedic twist. It’s a hilarious exploration of work-life dynamics, including playful banter, undeniable attraction, and the chaos of keeping secrets. Get ready to laugh along with the quirky characters in this delightful series.

7. Only Friends

Only Friends Thai BL Series

“Only Friends” offers a more mature and complex BL exploration. Its focus on complicated pasts and character depth might require viewers to have tissues on standby. With its poignant plot and compelling performances, expect your heartstrings to be tugged in this captivating series.

6. Hit Bite Love

Hit Bite Love Thai BL Series

“Hit Bite Love” delves into the world of culinary arts with a healthy dose of romantic tension. Foodies will enjoy the food-centric backdrop and the sizzling chemistry between the leads. Its unique premise and delectable storyline make it a fresh addition to the BL genre.

5. My School President

My School President Thai BL Series

“My School President” has garnered much attention for its charming storyline, talented cast, and toe-curlingly cute dynamics. It’s a heartwarming and entertaining show about determination and unwavering support within a school setting that’ll have you hooked with its wholesome content.

4. Chains of Heart

Chains of Heart Thai BL Series

For those who enjoy action-packed dramas with twists and turns, “Chains of Heart” won’t disappoint. Its intriguing premise and the main characters’ undeniable chemistry drive the action- and intensity-filled scenes.

3. Bed Friend

Bed Friend Thai BL Series

“Bed Friend” presents a captivating enemies-to-lovers plot with surprising depth and explores personal struggles within a spicy ‘workplace rivals’ backdrop. The complex motivations of the characters elevate this series above standard trope expectations.

2. Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go Thai BL Series

“Never Let Me Go” delivers a beautiful, heartbreaking tale with stellar acting and exquisite cinematography. Its poignant storyline about young love and sacrifice might not have a traditional happy ending, but the impact it leaves is both memorable and emotionally resonant.

1. Moonlight Chicken

Taking the top spot is “Moonlight Chicken,” a true standout in the 2023 BL lineup. This unique story explores love, self-discovery, and finding human connection with nuanced characters and stunning performances. 

“Moonlight Chicken” beautifully portrays themes of fate and connection that leave viewers reflecting long after the series ends.


Happy binge-watching! Let me know in the comments what other great Thai BL series from 2023 should be a part of everyone’s must-watch list.

About Thai BL Series

Once a niche genre, the Thai Boys’ Love (BL) series has exploded into a global phenomenon. 

These dramas, characterized by heartwarming and often steamy romances between male characters, have captivated audiences worldwide and reshaped entertainment landscapes far beyond Thailand’s borders.

Early Roots and Growing Acceptance

While portrayals of same-sex relationships have a long history in Thai literature, the modern Thai BL movement traces its roots to the early 2000s, taking inspiration from Japanese ‘yaoi’ manga. 

Early works like “Love of Siam” (2007) offered sensitive portrayals of LGBTQ+ themes, setting the stage for a genre destined to explode.

Acceptance of LGBTQ+ issues within Thailand’s majority Buddhist society has been a complex topic. 

Still, recent years have seen growing visibility and broader societal discussions surrounding sexual diversity. This backdrop laid fertile ground for the BL boom to come.

The Spark That Ignited the World

Series like “SOTUS” (2016) and “2gether” (2020) were like lightning in a bottle. They perfected the mix of high school and university settings, relatable character struggles, comedic elements, and undeniable chemistry between leads. 

Crucially, the pandemic hit as those series gained popularity, with locked-down viewers across the globe discovering the escapist charms of Thai BL.

Beyond the Romance: Themes That Resonate

Thai BL narratives often extend beyond simple romance. They tackle a spectrum of compelling themes: self-discovery, coming-of-age struggles, social pressures, and examinations of consent and healthy relationships. They give the dramas a resonance far beyond their intended audience of young women.

The Power of Fandom

Thai BL has one of the most passionate and invested fan bases in entertainment. Their online engagement, creative fan fiction, and relentless hype-building campaigns propel their favorite shows into viral sensations. This dedicated audience provides viewership and creative feedback that actively shapes the genre’s direction.

An Economic Force

The Thai BL industry is now a substantial economic powerhouse. Production companies compete for the next big hit, with increasing resources invested in writing, acting, and overall quality. 

Streaming giants like Netflix have noted the genre’s potential, developing slick, exclusive offerings for a global market. These shows represent a successful Thai cultural export, contributing to tourism and broader soft power influence.

Facing The Future

Like any entertainment juggernaut, Thai BL faces challenges. 

Balancing quality, creativity, and the increasing focus on international success may strain the genre’s authenticity. 

There’s also a call for more diverse stories that move beyond established tropes and stereotypes. Yet, through its heartfelt storylines and magnetic actors, Thai BL has captured a unique place in the world of entertainment. 

Its influence shows no sign of slowing, potentially opening doors to more nuanced, globally popular queer-centric stories.

The success of Thai BL offers a potent lesson about the power of storytelling. What began as a niche has become mainstream, potentially sparking vital conversations about acceptance, visibility, and the universality of love.

Shelu Abapo

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